How To Help The Bees.

We need Bees, however worldwide they are dying at an alarming rate, due to chemical use, deforestation to meet our forever increasing demand from our planet and  poor general heath of the bees themselves.  It has been estimated that 90 percent of our food production crops require Bees.  This means every vegetable, fruit and grain we consume including oils exist because of Bees!  Perhaps you’re a meat eater?  Animals need feed and that feed also requires pollination.

Roses can help create a Bee friendly garden.  Bees drink nectar but they still need pollen which is their source of protein, protein is essential to their health and well-being.  Roses produce a lot of pollen.

Bees are certainly not lazy however they are very good at time management.  We have hives at the nursery and have watched the little ‘Bee line’ in the mornings, first stop is always the single or semi-double blooms that have exposed stamens, this makes the morning job quicker and easier for the bees as they can see the target and get on with the job at hand.  Larger double and fully double highly petaled blooms are often an afternoon delight and a great location for a rest in the shade of the folds

There is a Bee friendly variety in every category of rose.

Unfortunately most chemical herbicides and pesticides have no filter, they kill absolutely everything whether it is good or bad.  Try using Eco Friendly garden products to control pests or get in contact with a local company that deals with predatory mites, they are very affective!!




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